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Patti and I appreciate the opportunity to have managed this site for the past ten years and we wish those that follow all of the best and God's blessings.

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The Catholic Archdiocese of Tororo, Uganda, is one of the nineteen Catholic dioceses in the East African Republic of Uganda.  The Archdiocese borders the northern shores of Lake Victoria, sharing the eastern border of the lake with Kenya.  The Archdiocese, which covers an area of 3500 square miles/8837 square KM, serves about 500,000 Catholics through its 39 parishes, 4 hospitals and health centres, 12 maternity/health care centres, 1 orphanage and 2 homes for the disabled.  To learn more about the Archdiocese of Tororo and its people and how you can help, click on the links below.

The Archdiocese of Tororo
(The links below conform to the published "Archdiocese of Tororo, 2006 Directory")
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Additional Information About the Archdiocese

The Goals of the Archdiocese How You Can Help the Archdiocese
The Mission Appeal Project (2006)  How You Can Help a Seminarian
The Archbishop of Tororo  How You Can Volunteer Your Time Tororo
Ordination 2005 How You Can Build a New Church
Archbishop's Remarks to Youth 2005

Tororo, Uganda

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 This site is donated by Patti and Chuck Mangi to our very good friend, Monsignor John Kauta, for the unselfish work he does for the people of the Archdiocese of Tororo, Uganda, and for the members of St. Patrick’s parish in Bedford, New York, USA.

The 500,000 Catholics in Tororo are praying for all who help them.
May God bless you.

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