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The following Determination Applications were (or legally should have been) posted at all IBM sites on February 20, 2002:

Advance Determination Application for IBM Personal Pension Plan
Advance Determination Application for IBM TDSP 401(k)

Please check the legal bulletin boards at your site. These postings must legally remain up until April 30, 2002. If these postings are not visible at your site, IBM is violating the law, and you should notify the Alliance so that we can report this violation.

These applications are being made to the Internal Revenue Service for an advance determination on the qualification of the PPA and TDSP Plans. The Plans that IBM wants determinations on include the amendments made in 1999 that cost tens of thousands of IBM employees up to 40% of their expected pension benefits. Do not let this go unchallenged. The legal postings provide information on Requests For Comments to the IRS. Let the IRS know how this has affected you, before IBM receives retroactive legal approval for their reprehensible actions.

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