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2001/07/29 - Posting in Southbury for 1 Consultant for Southfield, MI (why IBM posted a SouthFIELD notice in SouthBURY is anybody's guess... maybe IBM executives have trouble distinguishing between Connecticut and Michigan??).

2001/06/29 - A posting for 10 Software Engineers. This brings the total requests for Software engineers since 1/1/2001 to 32. This is in addition to 10 Advisory IT Specialists and 50 Programmer Analysts.

2001/06/10 - Southbury Alliance web site is one year old. View other important dates in IBM history.

2001/05/09 - A report on the 2001 IBM Stockholder meeting in Savannah, GA.

2001/04/08 - IBM Time Line added, and Total Compensation page updated.

2001/03/20 - IBM Endicott Jobs Going to China. IBM manager described as "giddy".

2001/03/15 - IBM is now seeking to fill non-technical jobs with alien employment.

2001/03/12 - Updated the letter to shareholders. This letter applied to the 2000 proxy. The Pension/Medical resolution is proposal #4 this year.


2000/08/21 - "Critics say retirement legislation could endanger certain kinds of pension plans" by Pamela Yip, July 31, 2000 edition of The Dallas Morning News

2000/08/06 - Return to the mountain top! Week-long blitz in Somers, NY.

2000/07/14 - On the mountain top! Alliance awareness in Somers, NY.

2000/06/29 - Alliance@IBM named LabourStart's Labour Website of the week.

2000/05/19 - IBM Employees' Right to Engage in Union Activity Upheld by NY Judge.

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