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Welcome to the Southbury Alliance web site. This site is designed to allow IBM Employees in Southbury, Connecticut, to learn about methods of protecting their rights through the establishment of an IBM Employees Labor Union. This site was created by Jim Mangi, an 11 year IBM veteran, who is actively working to establish a union to protect the rights of IBM employees.

"In June, 1999, I became one of over 60,000 workers who had their pensions and retiree medical benefits stolen from them by IBM executives. Using IBM's own benefits tools I calculated that my annual pension under the new Cash Balance Plan is 42% less than under the old plan. Using the Alliance@IBM "Retiree Rip-off Calculator" I discovered that the new Future Health Account (FHA) that replaced my old retiree medical plan will only pay for my medical insurance for about 1 year after I retire. IBM took away these benefits because they wanted to make their bottom line look better, and because they could. With a contract, our benefits would be protected. We NEED a contract!"
- Jim Mangi

Find out more

Visit the Alliance@IBM web site. This is a great first step.

Talk to others who have already become members. If you work in Southbury Connecticut, you can contact one of your local Southbury organizers.

View Southbury Legal Notices.

IBM's eroding "Total Compensation" and a growing list of benefits reductions

IBM Time Line: Important dates in IBM history.

Alliance@IBM and related sites

Alliance@IBM - National site.

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IBM Union, IBM Employee Issues and IBM Pension clubs on Yahoo! - The founder of the Southbury Alliance site posts messages to the clubs as 'southbury_alliance'.
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Playing by the rules

Do NOT use IBM assets for any union activities.

Do NOT visit union-related web sites from the office, or on IBM-owned equipment in your home (home terminals).

Do NOT use an IBM dial-in account (your corporate IBM Global Dialer other IBM Internet connection software) to connect to the Internet to view union-related web sites.

Do NOT discuss union activity in work areas during work periods.

Do NOT put others in awkward positions by bringing up inappropriate topics at the wrong times. (See the 'What you CAN do' section for appropriate times and places).

News and Updates

2002/09/17 - IBM requests more H-1B workers amidst the job cuts of over 14,000 local employees. (Does anyone else find it hard to believe that not ONE of those cut workers could have filled this position?) See more of IBM's H-1B requests in the Form 9035 section of the Legal Postings page.

2002/09/15 - More layoffs coming in October. Time to review the Job Cut Survival Kit.

2002/08/26 - Submit Your Comments page added to the Alliance@IBM National Site. Let us know your thoughts!

2002/08/25 - IBM hired to be "hit man" to fire AT&T workers.

2002/08/16 - Job cuts total 5% of work force.

2002/08/13 - "IBM Is Cutting More Than 15,600 Jobs" - article from Reuters Market News. The announcement came AFTER IBM had already terminated the jobs of over 8,000 employees.

2002/06/30 - IBM cuts over 8,000 jobs in the United States. See the national site for details.

2002/06/28 - CWA Calls For Repeal Of H-1B Program.

2002/03/10 - IBM Applies to the IRS for Advance Determination of the Personal Pension Plan and Tax Deferred Savings Plan (including the amendments of 1999 which cost thousands of IBM employees up to 40% of their expected retirement benefits).

2001/12/02 - On November 28th, IBM cut approximately 1,200 jobs at various locations. For more information, please read the press release that was issued on November 30th.

2001/12/01 - Information on the Cooper v IBM class action lawsuit is now available online. You can use this information to determine which subclass you are in and to determine how the lawsuit could restore pension benefits to thousands of IBM employees.

2001/11/26 - Layoffs are expected to be widespread, and just in time for the holidays (as usual). Get some tips on what to do if you are laid off.

2001/10/30 - Elections for officers of the Alliance@IBM governing council have been completed. Visit the Alliance@IBM national site for details and the latest news.

2001/07/31 - Read "H-1B applications rise despite slow job market" in the EETimes. The article deals with what happens to local employees and H-1B employees during layoffs. To see H-1B activity in Southbury, CT, go to the Legal Notices page.

View more news items in the News Archive.

What YOU can do

Make your voice known. Join the Alliance@IBM!

Wear a red shirt on Thursdays to show your support.

Wear an Alliance or CWA pin to show your support. Pins are available from Southbury organizers.

Put an Alliance bumper sticker on your car. Bumper stickers are available from local organizers.

You CAN discuss union activities in non-work areas during non-working periods such as lunch or other breaks.

If you want to talk with someone about the union, ask them to take a break, grab a cup of coffee, or go to lunch.

You CAN hand out flyers and union information in non-work areas during breaks.

You CAN continue to use IBM assets to discuss benefits-related information. If you have a concern relating directly to your benefits, or about the IBM corporation, you can discuss this in the work environment. Lou Gerstner told employees in 1999 that we should all help each other understand these new benefits.

Take the time to understand HOW you are affected!! Some employees did not realize how much they had lost until they ran both the OLD and NEW benefits estimators. If you want a copy of the old DOS estimator, contact your local Southbury organizer (this is benefits related, so it CAN be discussed it at any time).

Send a letter to the editor of your local paper.

Send a letter to your elected member of the U.S. House of Representatives or to your elected member of the U.S. Senate.

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